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RU 2258885 patent

fig.4    Effective date for property rights: 13 aug 2004

FIELD: armament, in particular, electromagnetic launchers.
SUBSTANCE: the solenoid-type multiple-stage linear electromagnetic accelerator has a ferromagnetic projectile, cylindrical non- magnetic barrel with coaxially fastened on it traction solenoids having outer magnetic cores and means of switching of the supply circuits by the signals of the projectile position pickups. The cylindrical projectile has cavities in the form of longitudinal channel, the inner holes in the magnetic cores are made with recesses located opposite the depressions in the projectile, the recesses in the magnetic cores of the adjacent coils are positioned with a relative angular shift in several degrees.
EFFECT: stabilized spinning of the projectile with a linear acceleration.

fig.5     The bullet with deepenings in the form of longitudinal channels is shown in this photo.
    Technical result is the increase in accuracy of a throwing by stabilization of a shell by rotation. Owing to application of a shell with longitudinal deepenings and solenoids with dredging in internal apertures cores, having angular displacement in the next steps, rotation of a shell by a magnetic field of the basic traction solenoids without use of additional rotating units in a design of the accelerator is reached.

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