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RU 2267074 patent

fig.1    Effective date for property rights: 12 aug 2004

FIELD: electric engineering-electromagnetic mass accelerators, applicable for propelling of ferromagnetic bodies.
SUBSTANCE: the device consists of coils with a cylindrical non-magnetic barrel for the propelled body located inside them in the axial line, means for separate supply of each coil, and means for switching of the supply circuits of each coil. The coils are made with magnetic circuits. Each pair of coils positioned side by side is embraced by a magnetic circuit that is common for these two coils.

  Besides, each of two successively positioned coils has spaced (turned relative to the barrel axis) magnetic circuits - the first magnetic circuit is turned relative to the second magnetic circuit around the barrel axis in such a manner that the influence of the magnetic leakage fields on one another would be minimized.
  The first of these magnetic circuits embraces the first and second coils. The second magnetic circuit embraces the second and third coils, etc.
That provides at movement projectiles together with corresponding core and the pair coils captured by it formation of the closed magnetic system which is capable to execute both function of an electromagnet, and function of the transformer.
A non-magnetic section is available between the magnetic circuits, they form practically independent and not coupled to each other magnetic circuits. The length of the ferromagnetic working area of the propelled body equals 3hx2L, where h - the distance between two coils, L - the coil thickness. Capacitors serve as a supply source of each coil.
  The parameters of the control means of the keys switching the supply circuits of each coil are selected so that after switching-on of the supply of the first coil at movement of the propelled body the current in the first coil would be switched on, and the supply of the second coil would be switched off after the supply of the third coil is switched on. The switching of the subsequent coils is effected in a similar way.
  As a result, the current of the secondary induction amplifies the magnetic field of the subsequent coil when the supply of the preceding coil is switched off.
EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of conversion of the electromagnetic energy to kinetic one.

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