Coilgun Rules 
This document setting rules for coilgun's shooting competitions.
Edition 1.0 at 05 June 2008. Status: old project. See next rules Edition 1.1

Basic Groups of Coilgun
The maximal parameters of coilgun pistols
Group Initial energy Weight Length
P1 125 Joules 1 kg 300 mm
P2 250 Joules 2 kg 350 mm

The maximal parameters of coilgun rifles
Group Initial energy Weight Length
R3 250 Joules 3 kg 800 mm
R4 500 Joules 4 kg 1000 mm
R5 750 Joules 5 kg 1200 mm
R6 1000 Joules 6 kg 1200 mm

In each group two exercises should be executed
A shooting for accuracy
The type of target: Olympic 10 Meter Air Pistol Target
See pdf-file with the picture.
Outer diameter of target is 155.5mm.
Distance: 5 or 10 meters.
3 trial shoots and 10 examination shoots.
Total time of exercise - 20 minutes.
The result the whole sum of points from 10 examination shoots.
B shooting for speed
Targets - some identical subjects, which are standing in the line (see the picture).
For example, some cigarettes boxes.
It is necessary to knock down all targets as quickly as possible (it is one attempt). For example, 5 targets on 5 or 10 meters distance.
One trial attempt and 3 examination attempts of shoots.
The pause between attempts one minute.
The result total time of examination attempts.
 Shooting position 
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